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Company Profile

Natural Food Enterprise Company (Naturalfood) and Great Ocean Import and Export Company (Greatocean)

are based in Hong Kong, an industrial, finance, shipping and trading center in Asia-Pacific. The companies were

established and started in food business in 1983 with canned vegetables such as canned mushrooms, asparagus,

then expanded to other vegetables and canned fruits, and then to canned fish and canned meat as well.

Now frozen (IQF vegetables and fruits) lines are also among our main production.

Though expanding, the companies remain focused on food business: manufacturing, packing, shipping and

trading. So far food is the companies’ only business, and will remain so in the future.

We focus because we understand that foods need special care, food productions need devotion, speciality and

passion. It is never easy to produce and ship consistent good foods with safety & delicacy.

The companies’ canneries locate close to main materials areas in China. China is a wide country with diversities

and richness in vegetables and fruits, therefore one cannery in South China and one in North China will meet

general production needs. Company’s South cannery mainly produces vegetables and aquatic products, while

the North cannery mainly produces fruits, vegetables. Both canneries can produce some same products.

Our main products:

1). Vegetables line: mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, green peas, baby corn, sweet corn kernels, artichokes,

                              tomatoes, gherkin/cornichon, water chestnuts, mixed vegetables, etc.

2). Fruits line: peaches, pears, apricots, strawberries, lychee, pineapples, mandarin oranges, fruit cocktails, etc.

3). Aquatic line: mackerel in tomato sauce/oil/brine, sardine in tomato sauce/oil/brine, smoked oyster/clams, etc.

4). Meat line: chicken luncheon meat, beef luncheon meat, pork luncheon meat, corned beef, ham, etc.

5). Frozen line: IQF vegetables, IQF fruits, etc.

Companies’ brand “NATURAL” is one of popular brands in Hong Kong and some Asia countries.

Meanwhile OEM is still our main business model for most of our clients, we suport their brands by quality, consistency 

and services. 

Above all, our companies"s persuit remains for over 20 years: safety, quality and sevices.

Please feel free to contact us.  Below is one of our plant producing canned mushrooms.